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Welcome to the City of York !

Welcome to the City of York !

Unlike Bath, I did not have much expectations from York and I must admit that my knowledge of the town was quite limited to the House of York so I visited for the first time on a beautiful Spring day with a totally opened mind and was I in for a pleasant surprize indeed !

I left my car in the carpark outside the city walls and just could not resist climbing up the steep and narrow staircase leading to the walls and walk around the town as the first visitors would have done and seeing these perfectly preserved walls filled with thousands of daffodils in bloom on each side were a truly unforgettable sight !

I then ventured into the town through a very pleasant street with a great variety of shops leading to the Bridge upon the River Rouse and the other side viewed from the bridge was pleasant indeed.

But the surprise - I should say the amazement - really came when I entered the Medieval District which is very large in size and wonderfully preserved with a unique architecture and a variety of shops second to none.

At its very heart, one finds the truly magnificent Minster which Nortern Europe's largest Gothic Cathedral and standing at its feet truly gives a scale of insignificant can a human being be compared to the sheer size of some monuments.

The nearby parks were in bloom and very pleasant places to sit down and enjoy.

And last but not least, the cherry on my cake undoubtebly was the National Railway Museum which features some of the rarest locomotives of the world including a replica of Stevenson's Rocket, The Mallard and the Flying Scotsman to name but a few. Being a passionate modeller ever since I was 7yo when I started building my first railway model network on a HO scale, I simply cannot express my joy at seeing those "giants of steam" standing in front of me.

I maybe French but I love finding quaint little places for my afternoon tea and the place I found was just one of the cutest I have seen so far as it was in one of the towers at the entrance of the bridge over the River and a cappuccino and a Victoria Lemon sponge were the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Yes ! I truly was enchanted with my visit to York and its many charms !

Here are a few personal pictures of my day in York...




















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Welcome to the City of Bath !

Welcome to the City of Bath !

The first of my escapades around England took me to a place I so long awaited to discover being a fan of Jane Austen's novels and fine 18th century architecture, and I must say that Bath and its many charms truly enchanted me.

My first glimpse of the town was a stunning view over the river and one of the most charming bridges I have ever seen.

Then a stroll through the town took me from the Roman Bath to the beautifully preserved historic part of the town where almost every building is an enchantment in itself.

After a spot of lunch at Sally Lun's, I embarked on the City Sightseeing Bus which took me around the town to the Royal Circus, the Royal Crescent and beyond up the hills which offer a stunning view over the city.

The Royal Crescent was of a scale I truly had not imagined and with the surrounding lawn areas filled with daffodils, a unforgettable sight in itself.

The nearby Victoria Parc was beautiful with its great entrance guarded by two giant lions statues and the lake so peaceful in the late afternoon.

I love Nature and my visit to Bath coincided with one of the first lovely Springtime days of the season has truly enchanted my senses.

Britain truly is a one of the best places in the world to enjoy Springtime in all its glory !

I do hope to have the pleasure of visiting Bath again for its Christmas market...

Here are a few pictures of my escapade to Bath...






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Welcome to the Postcards from England Travel Blog !

Welcome to the Postcards from England Travel Blog !

My name is Karim, I am 46yo and I am a Hotel GM.

I am French and I have worked in hospitality for the past 24 years and my job took me in places as different as New-Zealand, Australia and Canada, England and more recently Luxembourg.

I love travelling and discovering new exciting places and learn about their History, traditions and People.

A little anecdote is that I was lucky enough to live in Summer for a few years as I worked in south of France from March to October and in Russell, Bay of Islands, New-Zealand from October to March. Since then, I must admit that "old winter" came back to me...

My interests include travelling at home and abroad, creating miniatures on a 1/12th scale - mostly with the Victorian times in mind - reading, movies, walking, cooking and renovating my home in France.

During my English years, I have embarked on a journey of discovery of England that was for more than a decade my second home away from France and a country which keeps enchanting my senses with its variety, the beauty of its scenery and the wealth of its history and traditions.

I, who used to think for so many years and excitement and emotion were about "long haul" journeys, have finally discovered that beauty often lay on your very door step for you to enjoy.

I will be delighted to take you along with me on my "escapades" around the UK with a short presentation of the place spiced up here and there with a few little anecdotes and pictures.

Thank you so much for watching my blog which I hope you will enjoy !


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